German Courses in London
Other Course Formats

Intensive courses for beginners/intermediate

The extended course format of having lessons in-company once or twice per week will not suit every learner. Some senior executives might find it easier to absent themselves from the office for a complete week to attend an intensive course. Tuition on these courses extends to 6 hours per day with an optional, chargeable hour for lunch with the tutor. There will be two trainers, each taking a 3-hr session. For a summary of the pros and cons of intensive courses please refer to our FAQ.

Day-long intensive courses for advanced speakers

We could help you prepare for a special event in Germany. Maybe, you have to chair a seminar, or attend a client presentation. You would like to put your German to good use but feel daunted by the prospect. A day of intensive preparation with a tutor who speaks the language of your business could help. You may book us for any time of between 3 – 6 hours. The same tutor would be available throughout.

Part-time, sector-specific courses for advanced speakers

We are only able to offer such specialised training because of the long involvement we have had with certain industries. These courses are run for students who are language graduates and have practised their skills regularly. They are taken in-company by managers wishing to develop their German in an often narrow sphere of expertise and last a minimum of 20 hours.

To illustrate the format, we may use the example of a marketing executive or fund manager in the asset management industry. The tutor would present him/her with an edited text of 200/300 words taken from a German financial newspaper on the popularity of investment certificates in Germany. A specially drawn-up glossary and exercises requiring the student to rephrase certain of these arguments would accompany the text. Thereafter, the tutor might discuss with him/her how these certificates are structured, and if they present a long-term challenge to fund managers running equity funds.

We believe students in many other, non-financial sectors will find us equally competent and well-informed interlocutors.

Distance learning on the Phone/Webcam/Skype/MSN

This is a new format which can work very well. It is suitable for students who are not office-based and do not qualify for intensive training, as well as those that live outside London. It allows them to follow a structured, tutor-accompanied course wherever they are, while keeping the booking extremely flexible. All relevant course materials can be accessed through the Client Area on our website. Homework can also be submitted and corrected before the next lesson.

So far, we have been using it only with students on regular courses who wished to augment their face-to-face tutorials. We are not sure that distance learning can replace the physical classroom altogether. Some chemistry that develops spontaneously between trainer and student may be lacking and limiting the concept's usefulness.

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