German Courses in London
Teaching Materials

Unlike most other language teaching organisations, we have taken the trouble to produce in-house a co-ordinated set of modules, covering a range from beginner to advanced. The student accesses all our materials through our website.

The level we are trying to reach with our beginner students who have committed themselves for the full course of approx. 200 hours of one-to-one tuition is described as "B2" in the "Common European Framework of Reference".

The overriding aim of our proprietary textbook "Auf Kurs" is to present situations of interest which the student learning German for business judges to be of relevance to him. The typical format encountered in numerous textbooks of a central character plodding his way through Germany has been dropped in favour of a more open platform where a wider range of situations and topics can be exploited either to instruct or to amuse. Our belief is that a slightly more eclectic approach suits the preferences of a student with an English cultural background better than rigid systematization. Also, a fully involved learner will be more receptive and more likely to put in the work necessary to achieve competency.

Most material presented in this course arises from dialogues, which revolve around stimulating topics close to the heart of people working for multinational organisations. They often touch on or present slightly controversial situations, which can be discussed and exploited further to suit a particular student's temperament and preferences.

The style of language introduced is up-to-date and, due to the course's high dialogue content, of the spoken kind rather than of a formal nature. Nonetheless, the course is clearly structured to help students understand the 'mechanics' of German. Grammar is dealt with in sufficient depth without becoming oppressive.

With a wide range of audio materials now available for free on the internet, the student will be advised which resource to use. Occasionally, we might introduce audio or video in class, but, strictly speaking, precious lesson time should not be used for practice the student can gain quite independently as part of his/her regular backup work.


"My bank has allowed me to take individual German lessons in-company. Jürgen Zöllner Associates is a preferred supplier with us and I chose them for the positive feedback from other colleagues. The tutor is very enthusiastic and understands my problems. Lessons are demanding, but you are always encouraged to speak. The course, which has been produced by them, is clearly structured and deals with situations set in the office. My progress has been far better than I expected. I would recommend the school to anyone learning German for business reasons."

Mark McMenamin, Transaction Manager, EuroHypo