German Courses in London
Reasons to Learn

The fact that English is spoken in most business settings does not mean it has become futile learning a second language. You will frequently find that your continental European partner not only speaks his native language and English to a high standard but also a third language. There are sound reasons why (s)he thought it worthwhile. You may wish to consider the following points when deciding whether you should also make the effort.

  • It adds to my skill base and increases my value in the jobs market.

  • German language skills improve the efficiency with which I can conduct my current business.

  • It will give me a competitive edge over other firms in the market as most of their managers will take the easy route and rely on their German partner's English.

  • It helps me to cement and develop relationships with business contacts at a personal level.

  • It confirms my seriousness and commitment to the business in hand, which, in German eyes, improves my standing.

  • I can internationalise my outlook as I develop empathy with and understanding of German culture and thinking.

  • It removes a psychological barrier in me. I am now making an effort which, I am sure, will be appreciated by my German partner.


"As our UK-office has very close links with Thomas Sabo, Germany, we thought it worthwhile offering German courses to our staff in an effort to bring them together as a team and help them forge closer links with their colleagues in Germany. For the last year, we have had several group courses and also individual training and can say that we are on the way of achieving our goals. Jürgen Zöllner Associates have been very pleasant and helpful to deal with. Lessons are well-structured and fun. Students are encouraged to speak freely. We would recommend their courses without hesitation to beginners or advanced students in a similar situation."

Alessandra Bernardinelli, Head of Organisation, Thomas Sabo UK